Preparing for Outdoor Worship, Sunday, May 24

Hey Bethel Church and Oakway community! I want to invite you to our Outdoor Worship on May 24 @ 10am. Our community has followed the safety guidelines and recommendations keeping one another safe. Many of us have missed gathering as a church to worship our Lord together. So, on May 24 @ 10 we will begin to regather at Bethel, outdoors. We will keep safety a priority, and social distance between families. Come join us for outdoor worship. Below is a list of what you need to prepare for a great outdoor worship experience.

We will continue to post a recorded service on our website and Facebook for those unable to attend.
Before leaving the house:

Prepare for worship. So often we come to worship ready to receive from God and recharge our spiritual batteries. These are good things, but they are not most important in our worship. Worship is when we offer ourselves to God for His glory and service. We can prepare our hearts by praying before going to church, confessing sin, listening to worship music, and reading the Bible.

KREW for Kids. At 9am KREW will continue to air live on Facebook for all children. Encourage your children to participate, worship together, and study God’s Word together.
Pack what you need. You will need your Bible and outdoor chairs. You will be able to sit as a family in your lawn chairs or remain in your car for worship.

Plan to arrive early. You will need time to park, unpack and set up your chairs. Service will start at 10am, and its helpful if everyone is ready to begin together.

When you arrive at Bethel:

Parking areas. There will be designated areas for parking. There will be parking attendants and greeters to help you park and answer your questions.

Seating. To maintain social distancing and safety there will be boxes marked on parking lot for each family to sit. We ask that you respect others by keeping a safe distance and stay within these marked areas.

Limit handshakes, hugs, and other physical contact. It is important that we remain safe as we regather. Please do not shake hands, give hugs, or other physical contact.

Offering. You may continue to give to the gospel ministry online ( We will collect offerings as part of our worship service for those who wish to give in person.

After Outdoor Worship has ended:

Dismiss safely. Please continue to social distance but share love with one another as we dismiss.

Family Sermon Guide. You will find a Family Sermon Guide on the Pastor’s Blog ( that your family can follow as you discuss the sermon.