Preparing for Online Worship, Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!  Today we celebrate our Mothers.  Each one of us should take the time to honor our Mothers and our wives daily, but this weekend we take time to really thank them for all they do.  In the Bible, mothers are incredibly important.  There are some really good examples of mothers and some not-so-good examples in the Bible.

This week we will stop in Proverbs 31 and explore the attributes of our mothers that are worth celebrating.  We will understand the worth of a woman who fears the Lord, and the honor she deserves.  And we will remember, moms, that in those moments when you feel less than the ideal – it’s okay – because you have our Lord Jesus to strengthen and lead you, even in your weakness. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  For some of you, today is a day to remember the moms who have passed.  This day is especially hard, and I encourage you to lean on arms of our Savior.  If you are a single mom, I want to remind you that God sees you and is near to you.  Thank you, Moms!

  1. Make sure your screen is ready. Check your internet connection, and make sure your device is ready for streaming about 9:30.  Go ahead and have it set up in an area where everyone participating can see. 

  2. Have your breakfast and coffee ready before 10am. Once the live stream starts, it’s important to be before the screen ready to hear and engage. Don’t let the ding of the microwave, or the gurgle of the coffee pot draw you away. 

  3. Pray together before 10am. Take time with your family and pray together.  Praise God for who He is and has promised to do.  Ask God to move in your time of worship today.  Ask Him to speak to you and give you faith to respond in obedience.  Pray for those who are affected by the virus, and those who are battling it.  Pray for your neighbors.  Trust God is at work for our good and His glory. 

  4. Listen to the sermon starting at 10am with a notebook. Don’t be surprised if the sermon sounds a little different than when you’re gathered in the sanctuary.  Not only will the quality of sound be different, but the presentation may sound more like teaching than preaching.  I encourage you to take notes on what God impresses on your heart and mind.  Taking notes will also help you stay focused. 

  5. Spend time answering the Family Discussion Questions when the sermon ends. These questions are to help you reflect on the ideas in the sermon and personalize these ideas to your situation.  You can share this discussion as a family, or individually.  Parents and children alike will benefit from reflecting on how God will use His word in your life.  Click here for Mother’s Day Family Worship Guide

  6. Give your tithes and offerings. Though the church isn’t gathering together during these times, the ministries of the church have not ceased.  Ministry teams are continuing to minister to one another, and facility operations are still running.  I encourage you to continue giving your tithe to the Lord faithfully.  You may give online or through the mail.  Visit us at

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