Why Church? 

The word church is an interesting word.  In our culture, the word church refers to a building, a place of worship.  But according to the Bible, the word church refers to the people who follow Jesus.  Its best to think of the word church to mean when the people who follow Jesus gather together. 



We Gather
We desire to follow Jesus.  It’s the one thing we all have in common.  So, our desire to follow Jesus brings us together often.  We gather to worship on Sundays, singing songs in celebration and to pray.  We gather to learn the Bible, so we better understand how to live for Jesus.  We gather to serve others.  We welcome anyone who wants to gather with us.  


We Love
Jesus taught us to love God and to love people.  We want to love like Jesus loves us.  Jesus gave his life for us.  What a wonderful love!  At church you’ll find a group of people that loves one another.  It’s like a family, but like any family we have our imperfect moments.  We sometimes get angry, hurt, and jealous, but we work through it in love.  We don’t always love well, but we desire to grow in our love often. 


We Learn
We gather to learn how to follow Jesus well.  God gave us the Bible, His written word, that we would know the truth and live by it.  The more we read the Bible and do what it says, the more we will grow to live like Jesus.  We gather in small groups each week to help one another learn and follow God’s Word.  The Bible has so many answers to life’s challenges. 


We Serve
We gather to serve one another in love.  Serving is simply using our gifts, talents, abilities, skills, and time to help others in need.  We want to help our community.  We want to help our church family.  Sin has broken so many lives, and God uses His church (that’s us) to help restore those who are broken.